Better Living With DEATH

It’s going to be my first live show & no, I didn’t miss the irony in that statement.

Join me for tips and commentary on wellness, cooking, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Remember:

  • Travel: Wherever you’re going I’ve been there (Except the moon. Apollo 13 made it back)
  • Wellness: I’ve had clients who have followed every alternative healthcare product there is
  • Fashion: Say no more, I’m so skinny you can count my ribs so I’m a fashion icon
  • Cooking: There are a lot of perfectly good foods that are ignored today. I’m looking at you you unpopular salad greens like the nightshades & proteins like chicken sashimi and mushrooms, did you know that all mushrooms are edible, some only once.
  • Lifestyle: This begs the question: “Can life have style?” It never seems to stay still long enough. I have a couple of tame humans on my writing team who can advise me on this.